How to tie a Moby wrap – the Pinkleblossom way.

The Moby Wrap.

I love this piece of cloth. My little guy & I have shared many, many awesome moments that involve the Moby. He’s soon to outgrow it & I will be very sad when the day comes. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Beco Butterfly carrier too, but I have a serious love for my Moby. & you can bet I will be buying a woven wrap so I can continue to wear a wrap similar to the Moby.

I have been wearing little C in my Moby since he was 3 weeks old. He was pretty demanding right at first and the Moby was our sanity. I would wear him most of the day to keep him calm. It was a comfort for him as much as it was for me. I believe that babywearing is really important for every aspect of a baby, from their developing motor skills to their overall calmness. It makes a difference. & since I practice attachment parenting with my little guy, babywearing was not negotiable for me, as it falls under one of the eight principles of attachment parenting.

But, much more than all of that. I love, love, LOVE having that closeness with C. Being able to be out and about anywhere and have him look up at me & smile is, well, rewarding. & adorable. Both at the same time.😉

Knowing he enjoys being snuggled up to me as much as I love him being snuggled up to me is awesome.

The Moby has been a good great thing for both of us these past 6 months.

Every time I’m wearing C in the Moby, it never fails someone asks how I put it on without getting overwhelmed. Well, it took a couple tries to perfect it, but after wearing him nearly every day when he was younger, it became a piece of cake. I kind of followed the directions at first, but I perfected my wrap on my own simply by trial & error.

I’ve demonstrated my way to tie a Moby multiple times to close friends, but for the rest of you who’ve asked me over & over…here you go.

Feel free to email me with any questions I might not have answered in the video.

Happy wrapping!!!

& ps: don’t mind my dogs. They wanted to help me.😉

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